• Chemicals & Petrochemicals Distribution Business
    Our company is importing industrial raw and
    subsidiary materials including basic chemicals,
    organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals,
    and special chemicals and supplying them to domestic
    manufacturers and other industrial sectors.
    • Tank Terminal Business
    After having expanded 3 times since the establishment
    of the Gunsan Tank Terminal of Namduck E&C in 1994,
    the company now has 27 tanks (60,100 kiloliters) in the
    36,859.5 square meter (sq.) area that is adjacent to the
    third pier of Gunsan Port. Large vessels could come
    dock at the pier of Gunsan Port (available for 15,000MT
    vessels, the depth of 8.2m) which is situated in the best
    location for trading with China.
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